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Coffee Island & Reading Hobby Lobby

Coffee Prepared for Your Soul.

Introducing "Coffee for Your Soul," a delightful haven designed to uplift your spirit. Me Now offers an exquisite, chic, and inviting atmosphere, permeating with positivity. The perfect spot to brighten your mood, relish your preferred drink, cherish moments with friends, or immerse yourself in a good book.

For coffee aficionados, the Coffee Island is your paradise. Experience impeccably crafted coffee in a serene ambiance, tailored to help you unwind and indulge.

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What Can You Expect

A variety of Freshly Brewed Coffee

Expresso, Latte,  Cafe Mocha and many options of coffee worth experiencing.

Colorful, calm, and quiet Ambiance

Enjoy your tea or coffee in an environment that’s designed to foster relaxation.

A Selection of Books

Reading corner offers a selection of books hand picked by experts and covering a range of topics from mental health & psychology to life coaching and motivation. Just pick up a book of your liking and start reading. 

Experienced Baristas 

Experienced team ready to serve you to the best of their abilities. Their sense of personalization and care makes our coffee distinct, pleasurable and totally worth it! soa_

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