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Anger Release Rooms


Channeling Anger for Better Outcome

Anger is a normal feeling that may teach us a lot if we take the time to investigate it. It can arise from a feeling of helplessness and powerlessness in a circumstance. Finding a way to channel your rage, even if it's only for a short time, might make you feel like you're regaining your emotions and you may feel more confident and prepared to take on new things.

Anger Room relieves stress caused by anger or persistent hostility for a brief period of time, and let's face it, smashing things is a lot of fun. Me Now features a sound proof room designed for you to vent your rage,  smash things and calm your heart with no one around to judge.soa_


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Freedom to "Let It All Out" Without Judgment or Consequences 

Anger might push us to tak action because it has its own advantages in terms of longevity, and it can push us to act. All we have to do is to make sure it's an action we want to take rather than one motivated by fear.

Express your anger, feeling and rage with no conscequences.

  • Let your feeling out without the fear of being judged.
  • Channel your rage and push yourself to take action.
  • Be in a safe space to explore emotions.

Get crazy with your favorite music and smash away.

Come alone or with a friend to demolish stuff and let off steam.


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